Kodiak Sports Completes On Deck Sports Pro Batting Cage in Athens, TX

January 20th, 2015

Kodiak Sports has completed a new batting cage in the town of Athens, TX named On Deck Sports Pro.  The new batting cage includes 3 iron mike pitching machines with coin operated token boxes as well as timed rentals administered through a computerized digital central control panel.

Flat floor turf facilities are popular due to the lower cost of materials in comparison to a sloped floor/automated ball collection system.  In addition, flat floor areas are able to be used for other activities including short toss, flips, soft toss and general batting practice.  Sloped floor cages are generally dedicated space that can not be re-purposed at different times of day when the needs of the clients and faculties can vary depending on the customer base and time of year.

The facility was outfitted with Kodiak Sports Netting, Jr. Collegiate Sports Turf with foam pad, 5′ x 8′ Kodiak Pro Mini L-Screens, Nylon Hitting Mats, and Kodiak Pro Aluminum Ball Carts.

Kodiak Sports manufacturers, supplies and installs everything you need for your commercial batting cage and sports training facility.

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Turf Hitting Mats

Kodiak MLB Pro Nylon Hitting Mats with Inlaid Home Plate

Aluminum Ball Cart and Sports Turf

Kodiak 5′ x 8′ Pro Mini Padded L-Screen and Pro Aluminum Ball Cart

Iron Mike Pitching Machine

Iron Mike MA4 Commercial Machines wired to Token Boxes and Kodiak Pro Aluminum Ball Carts hold up to 180 baseballs


Murray State University Rubber Flooring

Murray State Rolled Rubber Flooring Fitness Center

Murray State has performed a weight room flooring renovation using Kodiak Commercial Grade Rolled Rubber Flooring.  The project totaled just under 7000 sq. ft. of 3/8″ thick rubber flooring.

The project required the removal of existing flooring and weight room equipment to way for the new glue down rolled rubber flooring.  Patching and repairing any damaged areas of concrete was required prior to installing the new flooring.

Murray State selected a yellow speckle on the floor; giving the room a great color contract of yellow on black.

Kodiak Sports Performs Nationwide Rubber Flooring Installations and product sales.  Purchase orders accepted and professional expertise is just a phone call away!

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Rolled Rubber Flooring

10% Yellow Kodiak Rolled Rubber Flooring

Rubber Colors

Color Chart of 10% Colors

Rubber Flooring Custom Color

90% Rubber Flooring Color Chart

Should you glue down your rolled rubber flooring?

Glued Rubber Flooring

Rolled Rubber Flooring Glued down

Gluing Rolled Rubber Flooring

The Basics:

Understanding how rolled rubber is made is an important aspect of understanding when to glue the rubber down.

Recycled rolled rubber flooring is made by mixing particles of rubber with a urethane binder (glue).  Which means the rubber is NOT melted down or solid; like many people think.

Rolled rubber has air pockets trapped in between the rubber and bind.  These air pockets allow air/moisture to have an effect on the rubber flooring…similar to how moisture can expand and buckle a wood floor.  Areas of high humidity or hydrostatic pressure under the concrete/wood floor/sub-base can allow moisture to affect the rubber floor. This moisture can buckle and wrinkle your rolled rubber floor.

What does the glue do to help with moisture problems?

Good quality moisture cured urethane adhesives have moisture barrier technology included in the glue.  This moisture barrier seals the concrete/wood substrate against moisture passing through and into your rubber floor.

Is taping down my rolled rubber going to work?

Double sided carpet tape is not the manufacturer recommended method of installation.  HOWEVER, many users choose to tape the floor to avoid the cost and permanent installation of a glue down installation.

Generally, double sided tape installations will perform well in dry climates and on substrates that are sealed against moisture.

If you have concrete or substrate with a moisture problem; you should seal the substrate prior to laying the rolled rubber flooring.  Then you can likely install your rolls without the moisture causing buckling and wrinkling.

Ultimately, you are taking responsibility for installing the rubber flooring incorrectly when you use tape.  But there are certain precautions to maximize your chances of success.


Texas Rubber Mulch – Free Shipping

Rubber Mulch for Texas Playgrounds, Backyards and Landscaping

Kodiak has rubber mulch for playgrounds, landscaping and other applications in Texas and can ship within 48 hours.

Product Highlights:

  • Best Quality in Industry
  • Fast 24-48 hour shipping
  • Free shipping to Texas
  • 12 Year Color Stay Life
  • Color Will not transfer to skin or clothes
  • ASTM F1292-09 Certification for fall heights up to 16 feet high
  • Wheelchair accessible per ASTM F1951-99
Red Cedar Playground Mulch

Red Cedar Playground Mulch in Dallas, Texas

The best part is shipping is always free to Texas!

Rubber Mulch Free Shipping in Texas

Rubber Mulch Free Shipping in Texas

We have 4 rubber mulch colors in stock in Texas at all Times. Black, Cedar Red, Blue and Green

We have the best color technology with urethane colors (not water based paint) so the brilliant color won’t rub off on clothing or transfer.

Rubber Mulch in Texas with Free shipping

Call Kodiak – 877-401-2298 – Toll Free




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Cross Fit Rubber Flooring Quality

CrossFit and 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″ Rubber Floor Tiles

Problem Overview:

Many of our CrossFit Floooring customers struggle with understanding the different grades and qualities of rubber flooring tiles on the market.

Many Crossfit customers tend gravitate to the least expensive animal grade matting from the local tractor/farm supply; only to find these cheap rubber mats dangerous; hard to clean, absorb blood, sweat, moisture, harbor staph and other dangerous bacteria within the pores and chip/break down easily under heavy/repeated impact.

rubber mats

Urethane/Glued Animal Grade Mats

Solution: Commercial Grade Vulcanized CrossFit Flooring

Now that you have seen what the low grade animal rubber flooring looks like and understand that it’s just particles of rubber glued together…let’s talk about the proper flooring for a commercial gym.

Vulcanized Rubber Flooring is MELTED solid.  Kodiak Flooring produces rubber mats/sheet goods by using crumb rubber; deodorizing agents and other additives for proper bonding to create solid rubber mats.  A vulcanized mat is imperious to water, blood, sweat, moisture, staph and other bacteria.  Once you clean the surface, there is no place for the foreign substances to absorb into the mat.

See the difference in the vulcanized rubber shown below?  Note the lack of open pores, gaps, rough surface?

Vulcanized Diamond Plate Tiles

Kodiak Vulcanized Diamond Plate Tiles

Kodiak Hammerlock Vulcanized Rubber Tiles

Kodiak Hammerlock Vulcanized Rubber Tiles

Contact Kodiak Sports today to have a sales specialist help you select the rubber flooring that will meet your budget and perform to give you a real return on investment.



Getting More Color in your Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber Flooring Color Flake

So you don’t want a regular black rubber floor?

Blue Rubber

Add Amazing Color with Kodiak Color Blend Technology!

Kodiak rubber flooring is used from the New Yorker Hotel to the Statue of Liberty to 1000’s of schools and gyms across the nation.  Most facilities use a black or black with color speckle to keep costs down.  The fitness center below is a small business trying to make a profit; so budget is the most important factor.

cross fit flooring

Solid Black Rubber in a Cross Fit Gym

We all know rubber flooring is functional and durable; but sometimes it’s not about function over form.  Sometimes you want a brilliant floor that makes your room standout and it’s worth spending the extra money to make it pop.

If you are living a fairly healthy lifestyle; you spend a lot of time in your gym and fitness room..maybe between 1 – 2 hours per day.  Why not make it the beautiful room you want it to be?

Color Rubber

90% Color Rubber Flooring Rolls and Tiles

How do we get such brilliant color into a recycled rubber floor?

Kodiak mixes virgin EPDM rubber granules with our black recycled rubber flooring particles to create custom colors in solids and blended mixes.

This process does significantly increase the cost of the rubber flooring; the most color, the higher the cost!  But that is the price of beauty!

Check out the Rubber Flooring page to view prices.

Vinyl Garage Flooring or Rubber Flooring?

Garage Flooring – How to Pick the Right Floor for the Job

Garage Flooring is often confused with rubber flooring that is used in weight rooms, gyms, and fitness centers.  It is important to understand the composition and differences so that you can make a proper choice for your application.

Garage Flooring Characteristics:

  • Made of Poly Vinyl (not rubber)
  • Oil, grease and messes clean up easily
  • Garage flooring is thin. 1/8″ or so. Garage Flooring is not impact resistant for weights/gym equipment.
  • Garage flooring comes in rolls that are 7.5′ – 10′ wide
  • Garage flooring is not porous and will not absorb oil, water, sweat, blood, grease, etc.
Vinyl Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring is best suited for vehicular areas and work trailers.

Rubber Flooring Characteristics:

  • Recycled Rubber Flooring materials are mostly black with color speckles (high color percentages are expensive and less common)
  • Weight Room Flooring is made of – Rubber Flooring!
  • Rubber flooring can be hard to clean dirt, dust, grease, oil, etc.
  • Rubber flooring is resilient to impact and made for fitness areas with dumbbells, etc.
  • There are many styles of varieties of rubber flooring, most affordable rubber floors are made of recycled materials.
  • Rubber flooring is generally NOT a good choice for oily and greasy areas like mechanics shops, kitchens, and automotive areas unless there aren’t significant messes to clean up.
  • Recycled rubber flooring is semi-porous on the surface.
  • Rubber flooring comes in 4′ wide rolls or rubber tiles.
Rubber Floor Color Chart

Rolled Rubber Flooring Basic Colors

Recommended Garage Flooring Applications:

  • Garage for vehicles and automotive work
  • Car haulers/Trailers
  • Motorcycle Trailers
  • Tradeshows
  • Excessively dirty/greasy areas
  • Grease pits

Recommended Rubber Flooring Applications:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Home Gyms
  • Workout Areas in Garages
  • High Impact Areas
  • Fitness Centers
  • Cross Fit Gyms
  • Under workout machines

Fake Rubber Flooring Sales 25% Off Inc

Fake 25% off Rubber Flooring Sales Mislead Customers

What would you think of a company that says they are running a 25% off sale EVERY DAY of the year?

You might feel a little mislead right?  Do you wonder what other issues like quality and why sometimes the rubber shows up different than the samples you got?  I know the answer.  Do you?

Come on…you didn’t think all rubber flooring was the same did you?

Here are some examples of the never ending fake sale banners. Let me guess…if you check their site…it’s 25% off today but it ENDS Tuesday right???

How to Properly Install Windscreen and Fence Privacy Screen

Basic Installation Procedure:

The goal of a proper installation is to have a properly positioned, wrinkle free windscreen installation.  It’s important to properly measure your fence and do a layout of the panels on paper so that you know where you are going to start and end each panel. DO NOT ATTEMPT INSTALLATION ON A WINDY DAY.

Equipment Needed: 7″ – 50lb zip ties, hog ring pliers and hog rings (optional), ladder (depending on height of fence)

  1. Layout entire panel and start by securing the top beginning edge with a zip tie to the fence.  Secure the panel of windscreen at the proper height…typically, the bottom of the windscreen would be 6″ off of the ground to allow air to pass and avoid damage from weed eaters.
  2. Secure the bottom starting edge with a zip ties as well; make sure the stating edge is straight. This helps keep the screen tight and wrinkle free.
  3. Use temporary S hooks to take vertical weight and load off the entire length of the screen..  Pull the slack out of each section.
  4. Secure the top edge of the screen with zip ties through ALL grommet holes, ensuring the screen is tight as you move down the length of the screen. Do NOT skip grommets.
  5. Go back and pull the vertical slack out of the windscreen vertically and attached the bottom grommets.
  6. If you want a more permanent installation; you can go back with a hog ring pliers and use steel hog rings to secure the windscreen.
Installation Windscreen Incorrectly

Example of Incorrect Installation

Proper Installation of Windscreen

Proper Installation of Windscreen will look great and last much longer.