Getting More Color in your Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber Flooring Color Flake

So you don’t want a regular black rubber floor?

Blue Rubber

Add Amazing Color with Kodiak Color Blend Technology!

Kodiak rubber flooring is used from the New Yorker Hotel to the Statue of Liberty to 1000′s of schools and gyms across the nation.  Most facilities use a black or black with color speckle to keep costs down.  The fitness center below is a small business trying to make a profit; so budget is the most important factor.

cross fit flooring

Solid Black Rubber in a Cross Fit Gym

We all know rubber flooring is functional and durable; but sometimes it’s not about function over form.  Sometimes you want a brilliant floor that makes your room standout and it’s worth spending the extra money to make it pop.

If you are living a fairly healthy lifestyle; you spend a lot of time in your gym and fitness room..maybe between 1 – 2 hours per day.  Why not make it the beautiful room you want it to be?

Color Rubber

90% Color Rubber Flooring Rolls and Tiles

How do we get such brilliant color into a recycled rubber floor?

Kodiak mixes virgin EPDM rubber granules with our black recycled rubber flooring particles to create custom colors in solids and blended mixes.

This process does significantly increase the cost of the rubber flooring; the most color, the higher the cost!  But that is the price of beauty!

Check out the Rubber Flooring page to view prices.

Vinyl Garage Flooring or Rubber Flooring?

Garage Flooring – How to Pick the Right Floor for the Job

Garage Flooring is often confused with rubber flooring that is used in weight rooms, gyms, and fitness centers.  It is important to understand the composition and differences so that you can make a proper choice for your application.

Garage Flooring Characteristics:

  • Made of Poly Vinyl (not rubber)
  • Oil, grease and messes clean up easily
  • Garage flooring is thin. 1/8″ or so. Garage Flooring is not impact resistant for weights/gym equipment.
  • Garage flooring comes in rolls that are 7.5′ – 10′ wide
  • Garage flooring is not porous and will not absorb oil, water, sweat, blood, grease, etc.
Vinyl Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring is best suited for vehicular areas and work trailers.

Rubber Flooring Characteristics:

  • Recycled Rubber Flooring materials are mostly black with color speckles (high color percentages are expensive and less common)
  • Weight Room Flooring is made of – Rubber Flooring!
  • Rubber flooring can be hard to clean dirt, dust, grease, oil, etc.
  • Rubber flooring is resilient to impact and made for fitness areas with dumbbells, etc.
  • There are many styles of varieties of rubber flooring, most affordable rubber floors are made of recycled materials.
  • Rubber flooring is generally NOT a good choice for oily and greasy areas like mechanics shops, kitchens, and automotive areas unless there aren’t significant messes to clean up.
  • Recycled rubber flooring is semi-porous on the surface.
  • Rubber flooring comes in 4′ wide rolls or rubber tiles.
Rubber Floor Color Chart

Rolled Rubber Flooring Basic Colors

Recommended Garage Flooring Applications:

  • Garage for vehicles and automotive work
  • Car haulers/Trailers
  • Motorcycle Trailers
  • Tradeshows
  • Excessively dirty/greasy areas
  • Grease pits

Recommended Rubber Flooring Applications:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Home Gyms
  • Workout Areas in Garages
  • High Impact Areas
  • Fitness Centers
  • Cross Fit Gyms
  • Under workout machines

Fake Rubber Flooring Sales 25% Off Inc

Fake 25% off Rubber Flooring Sales Mislead Customers

What would you think of a company that says they are running a 25% off sale EVERY DAY of the year?

You might feel a little mislead right?  Do you wonder what other issues like quality and why sometimes the rubber shows up different than the samples you got?  I know the answer.  Do you?

Come on…you didn’t think all rubber flooring was the same did you?

Here are some examples of the never ending fake sale banners. Let me guess…if you check their site…it’s 25% off today but it ENDS Tuesday right???

How to Properly Install Windscreen and Fence Privacy Screen

Basic Installation Procedure:

The goal of a proper installation is to have a properly positioned, wrinkle free windscreen installation.  It’s important to properly measure your fence and do a layout of the panels on paper so that you know where you are going to start and end each panel. DO NOT ATTEMPT INSTALLATION ON A WINDY DAY.

Equipment Needed: 7″ – 50lb zip ties, hog ring pliers and hog rings (optional), ladder (depending on height of fence)

  1. Layout entire panel and start by securing the top beginning edge with a zip tie to the fence.  Secure the panel of windscreen at the proper height…typically, the bottom of the windscreen would be 6″ off of the ground to allow air to pass and avoid damage from weed eaters.
  2. Secure the bottom starting edge with a zip ties as well; make sure the stating edge is straight. This helps keep the screen tight and wrinkle free.
  3. Use temporary S hooks to take vertical weight and load off the entire length of the screen..  Pull the slack out of each section.
  4. Secure the top edge of the screen with zip ties through ALL grommet holes, ensuring the screen is tight as you move down the length of the screen. Do NOT skip grommets.
  5. Go back and pull the vertical slack out of the windscreen vertically and attached the bottom grommets.
  6. If you want a more permanent installation; you can go back with a hog ring pliers and use steel hog rings to secure the windscreen.
Installation Windscreen Incorrectly

Example of Incorrect Installation

Proper Installation of Windscreen

Proper Installation of Windscreen will look great and last much longer.

Kodiak Sports offers Legend Fitness Equipment

Kodiak now carriers Legend Fitness Equipment

Kodiak Sports has partnered with Legend Fitness to offer a full line of racks, squat racks, plate loaded stations, platforms, plate storage, body weight stations and more.

The equipment is an excellent complimentary line to Kodiak’s Rubber Flooring and Artificial Turf used in speed and agility clinics.  Legend Fitness has an excellent reputation for it’s pro series half rack and full racks with platforms.  Kodiak Sports is now capable of outfitting full collegiate, high school and commercial weight room facilities.

Pro Series Power Cage

Power Cage

Legend Pro Series Power Cage with Platform



Poured in Place Playground Rubber Flooring

Have you ever wanted to build your own rubber playground flooring, pool deck or patio with poured in place rubber flooring?  Well it’s easier than you think!

Kodiak Sports introduces the do it yourself playground rubber flooring with EPDM and urethane binder.

Let Kodiak Sports make your rubber flooring project easy!

What is poured in place rubber flooring used for?  Lots of stuff! Playgrounds, patios, walkways, pool decks, and landscaping. Kodiak offers 14 different colors of rubber and can help you place your order to build your dream playground area.

Poured in Place Playground Rubber Flooring

Finished Poured in Place Rubber Flooring

Kodiak Sports now sells EPDM UV stabilized rubber and urethane binder to build patio, playgrounds, pathways, pool decks and more with poured in place rubber flooring.

Kodiak offers fast shipping, within 24-48 hours of when you place your order!  We ship the rubber and bind right to your door.  All you have to do is mix, pour and trowel it out!

EPDM Playground Rubber Flooring

Arizona, Colorado, California, Ohio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan

Windscreen for Baseball Fields and Tennis Courts

Windscreen is used to enhance the look of a baseball field, tennis court, industrial or commercial lot, while blocking wind and unwanted on-lookers from viewing areas.  Windscreen can be used indoor and outdoor as a privacy barrier, or to prevent distractions in batting cages.

Kodiak windscreen is super strong using a 6-ply windscreen construction at the hem, 4 plies of reinforced binding and 2 layers of windscreen.  The windscreen hems are 1.5″ wide and are double sewn with polyester thread for long lasting performance in the sun and wind.

Kodiak offers a standard VCM (pvc coated polyester) windscreen in 5′, 6′ and 9′ heights, while offering a super duty windscreen ArmorMesh (vinyl coated polyester) in 6′ and 9′ heights.

Key Features of Kodiak Windscreens:

  • Brass Grommets that won’t rust on windscreen
  • Windscreen with 6X reinforced hems sewn with polyester thread
  • Windscreen over 6′ high has a center hem with extra grommets for additional strength
  • Custom cut windscreen half moon or box shaped air vents available
  • Custom windscreen printing available for logos, letters and numbers

Windscreen Photo Gallery:

Windscreen Color Chart

Windscreen Color Chart

Windscreen Air Vent

Windscreen Box Shape Air Vent


Everlock Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles by Kodiak

3′ x 3′ Kodiak Everlock Rubber Tile Advantages

Kodiak 3′ x 3′ Everlock tiles are a commercial grade of rubber flooring tiles that are offered in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ Thick.  The interlocking rubber flooring mats are CNC waterjet cut (precision computer controlled water cutting) for the tightest interlocking system possible.  The triangular design of the interlocking pattern is designed so that it pulls the tile together as the tiles interlock and fits separation.

The Kodiak Everlock rubber flooring tiles are made of the same material as the Kodiak Rolled Rubber Flooring and is offered in the same full color line as the Commercial Grade Rolled Rubber Flooring.  The Everlock Tiles and the rolled rubber flooring come with a 5 year full wear warranty.  The rubber floor mats are also reversible to extend the life of the flooring even further.

Everlock Interlocking Rubber Tile Photo:

Interlocking Rubber Flooring

The triangular shape of the interlocks helps keep the rubbber flooring tiles very tightly interlocked.


Artificial Turf for Baseball Infields and Baseball Fields

Kodiak Sports Announces new Baseball Field Turf Model FL416

Kodiak Sports has announced the release of a new athletic field synthetic turf for use on baseball infields that provides realistic play and reduced rubber infill fly out.

The new FL416 product is a heavy 50oz artificial turf with a thatch layer to provide reduced crumb rubber fly out and excellent ball roll.

Synthetic Turf

Side View of Artificial Turf for Kodiak Baseball Field

Kodiak’s synthetic field turf products are among the best in the nation; utilizing Tencate yarn (the world’s best and largest producer of synthetic turf yarn).  Kodiak artificial turf products are the best in the world because of the quality of materials used in production and the care taken to produce a quality product from primary backing, tufting and a perfect coating process.

Kodiak Sports also offers installation of our artificial turf baseball infields.  Kodiak offers an upgrade in drainage base from the traditional stone/gravel compacted base to a polymer Ultra Base synthetic turf drain core system.  The Ultra Base system is still very close to the cost of a 100% stone base, but offers many advantages in playability and future field replacement costs.  With a Kodiak artificial turf infield; your baseball infield will never be rained out again

Artificial Turf Baseball Field with Kodiak FL416.

Artificial Turf Baseball Field

3 Types of Baseball Backstop and Wall Padding

Baseball and Softball Backstop and Wall Padding

Baseball wall padding is commonly used on baseball chain link fences, brick walls, backstops, and other areas to cushion the impact of the baseball or protect the athlete from injury.

Backstop padding is typically 2″ thick in a standard pad; however may be ordered in 3″ or 4″ thick pads as well.  A good quality backstop pad is comprised of a firm weather proof foam; typically ILD 100 foam.  This quality foam ensures the padding will not rot or degrade in an outdoor or moist environment.

Backstop Padding Mounting Options:

There are 3 types of mounting options in standard baseball backstop padding and sports wall padding.

Grommet Mounted Pads:

Grommets are placed on the top and bottom line of the wall padding; and are mounted to the chain link fence with zip ties or solid wall with screws and washers. Grommetted pads are the weakest form of mounting, however it is the most economical.

Wood Backed with Nailer Lips:

The next level of wall pad mounting is a wood back with nailer lip.  A weather treated wood is used and the wood extends 1″ above and below the padding to aid in the mounting of the padding to the solid wall.  Typically wood back padding is used on brick or concrete walls; it is not as popular for use on chain link fencing; however it is not wrong or unreasonable to use a wood back sports pad on a chain link fence. The nailer lip is typically wrapped in vinyl to match the pad color; and you place the anchor screws through the nailer lip to mount the pad.

Z-Clip Sports Padding with Wood Backing:

The professional method of mounting wall padding and baseball backstop padding is to use a wood backed pad with z-clip to fasten the pad to the wall.  The wood backing of equal size to the backstop padding; and the z-clip rails are a mounted to the wood backing and the concrete or brick wall.  The pads are hung from the z-clips. Z-clips give you the advantage of removable pads and a completely hidden mounting system.

Wall Padding with Z-Clips

Call Kodiak Sports Today at 877-401-2298 for your Baseball and Softball Backstop and Wall Padding!