Cross Fit Rubber Flooring Quality

CrossFit and 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″ Rubber Floor Tiles

Problem Overview:

Many of our CrossFit Floooring customers struggle with understanding the different grades and qualities of rubber flooring tiles on the market.

Many Crossfit customers tend gravitate to the least expensive animal grade matting from the local tractor/farm supply; only to find these cheap rubber mats dangerous; hard to clean, absorb blood, sweat, moisture, harbor staph and other dangerous bacteria within the pores and chip/break down easily under heavy/repeated impact.

rubber mats

Urethane/Glued Animal Grade Mats

Solution: Commercial Grade Vulcanized CrossFit Flooring

Now that you have seen what the low grade animal rubber flooring looks like and understand that it’s just particles of rubber glued together…let’s talk about the proper flooring for a commercial gym.

Vulcanized Rubber Flooring is MELTED solid.  Kodiak Flooring produces rubber mats/sheet goods by using crumb rubber; deodorizing agents and other additives for proper bonding to create solid rubber mats.  A vulcanized mat is imperious to water, blood, sweat, moisture, staph and other bacteria.  Once you clean the surface, there is no place for the foreign substances to absorb into the mat.

See the difference in the vulcanized rubber shown below?  Note the lack of open pores, gaps, rough surface?

Vulcanized Diamond Plate Tiles

Kodiak Vulcanized Diamond Plate Tiles

Kodiak Hammerlock Vulcanized Rubber Tiles

Kodiak Hammerlock Vulcanized Rubber Tiles

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